Special Vietnamese Rice Cracker

This awesome stuff – rice cracker is not only a beloved snack of Vietnamese kids but also unforgettable memories of very adults.

It is undeniable for a cool crack stuff to be served in a rainy winter day when gathering with friends. The stories told seem to be endless in the sound of biting crackers.

These marvelous stuffs are excessively made from rice with a little sugar. Depending on one’s taste, some people will but some bean or nuts as extra ingredients.  The procedure of making rice cracker is extremely simple starting with mixing the ingredients then put them into the cracker maker; which is a simple heat-based motor, and end with products of delicious crispy stuff.

It is to describe how much we love these stuffs but it is always a endless joyful of Vietnamese kids to eat and see how rice crackers are made. Also, an replaceable part of our childhood’s memories.


Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam, near the coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand. The Island attractions aren’t just limited to its stunning beaches, but extend to high-end resorts, delicious cuisine, evidence for brutalities of wars and its famous fishing villages. A UNESCO-listed national park takes up more than half of Phu Quoc Island, offering recreational activities such as hiking, camping, wildlife, photography and bird-watching. Meanwhile, vibrant markets, traditional fishing villages, and pepper plantations are perfect for experiencing the local lifestyle and sampling authentic regional specialties. Laying for hours on stunning beaches, sinking in the warm ocean, enjoying a massage, and a few cocktails as the sun goes down followed by a delicious dinner on the beach will made you relax completely after the busy working day. HiVietnam is willing to guide you to travel Phu Quoc by the list best things to do in Phu Quoc Island.

Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Beaches – the heaven for relaxing

Anyone who’s been to Phu Quoc will tell you it’s hard to believe that there are so many beaches that are both stunningly beautiful and deserted in just one place. The triangular-shaped island has many good beaches, like Long Beach on the western side, which is also the biggest and where most of the hotels are located. Bai Sao, on the east coast, is a favorite spot – possibly the best beach on Phu Quoc with fine white sand and crystal clear turquoise water. Some others worth checking out are Ong Lang, Bai Thom and Bai Dai. Many of the island’s beaches are not marked on maps also very well.

To relax on the beach, just lying in a comfy beach chair catching some sun where you can read a bit, swim a bit and have a drink or two. There are ladies selling fresh fruit for when you get a bit hungry. This is completely the authentic heaven!

After a hard day on the beach, you can also enjoy a massage, order yourself a cocktail and watch the spectacular sunset. If you travel with kids, beach bars are perfect as the kids can play in the sand, even swim while the adults unwind with a few drinks.

Bai Sao – one of the best beaches on Phu Quoc

Explore Phu Quoc National Park

Occupying more than 50% of the Phu Quoc Island and being home to a variety of ecosystems, wildlife and plants, Phu Quoc National Park is considered a precious gem, and in 2010 the park was declared a Unesco Biosphere Reserve. A visit to the park is always worth time and money, especially if you long to make an escape from the heat of the sun and stay close to nature at best. Whether you choose to walk in the forest along narrow trail or ride a motorbike on one of the park’s roads, the experience is always stunning and wonderful, which gives you a close look and taste of this large and lush park. Visitors to Phu Quoc, especially those enjoy discovering the natural, mostly untouched environment, should not miss the Phu Quoc National Park.

Phu Quoc National Park

Wander around Phu Quoc Prison

Phu Quoc Prison is where Northern Vietnamese soldiers were imprisoned during the Vietnam War. This was the largest place to keep communist soldiers in the South with more than 32,000 prisoners. Sometimes, this number was up to 40,000 people including political prisoners in several periods. The prison is now a museum where you can see torture instruments, photographs of former prisoners and various exhibits with life sized mannequins depicting graphic scenes of what life was like in prison during its operation.

Phu Quoc prison was the living evidence for the extremely brutal crimes of aggression colonialism and imperialism, while it proved the indomitable spirit and valiant struggle of revolutionaries. The war prisoners in Phu Quoc prison were suffered extremely savage punishments and tortures. The prison is a way for tourists to learn more about Vietnam’s history and a reminder of the brutalities of war. It’s becoming one of the best things to do in Phu Quoc.

Putting prisoner into sack and placing on the oven

Explore the Local Life at Ham Ninh Village

Ham Ninh Village is a picturesque fishing village and a great spot to get a glimpse into the everyday life of the local fishermen. For those who love fresh fish, the village is a great spot to eat some bargain priced seafood as well as try some unusual dishes such as sea cucumber soup. Especially, Ham Ninh’s flower crab is one of the best dishes must-eat in Phu Quoc and readily available in many local restaurants. The fresh red flower crabs get an amazing taste when being boiled and dipped in the sauce made from black pepper, salt and lime juice. Moreover, fishermen often take the fresh crab blood which is extracted from the pincers to drink. Later, the fresh crab blood is cleverly processed to create a very impressive dish called Phu Quoc fresh crab blood. A delicious and nutritious fresh crab blood dish must be made from sea crabs which have roe.

Ham Ninh Fishing Village
Fresh crab blood

Enjoy scuba diving in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is an island district located 45km off the coast of mainland Vietnam, that consist of 28 different islands and scuba diving in Phu Quoc is slowly becoming popular adventure sport activities. Diving is a great way to escape reality and explore the underwater world.  Whether you are just a beginner or expert diver, Phu Quoc Island is one of the most beautiful areas to dive. With beautiful reefs, wrecks, and weird fascinating sea creatures, you will be in constant awe with everything you see during your dive.

Enjoy scuba diving in Phu Quoc

All of this makes it the top destination must come in Vietnam and totally relax and chill out. Make sure to get here soon!


Vietnam is considered one of the most attractive culinary destinations in the world. Tourists coming to Vietnam will have many opportunities to enjoy Vietnam food throughout this S-shaped country.

Hanoi – The destination for traditional food

As you know, Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and the most vibrant city of the Northern Vietnam. The culinary tour starts by a walk in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Tourists will taste all local traditional food specialties like Banh Cuon (Steam rice pancake rolled with cooked pork, ear mushroom, and minced shallots), Bun Cha (Rice Noodle with grilled pork), Pho (Rice Noodle soup with beef or chicken),… some dishes you can take while walking around Hanoi’s Old Quarter – also call as street food. As well as, you should spend time to enjoy some coffee in a local coffee shop followed by the dinner at Cha Ca La Vong – the most famous traditional food in Hanoi made with rice noodles and grilled fish on the charcoal stove. Moreover, tourists can also learn how to prepare Northern Vietnamese dishes by enjoying a private Vietnamese cooking class with a professional chef.

Banh cuon

Halong Bay – Full of fresh delicious seafood

Halong Bay is famous for its green islands – the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We start with an outdoor market, where vendors sell all kinds of fish and seafood straight from water. You can also communicate with the Vietnamese boat people (who live and work in floating homes) to understand more about the life of local fisherman. Visit Dau Go cave, the largest cave in Halong Bay with its majestic and ancient beauty. Especially, during taking in the brilliant views of the Bay on a luxury ship, you can order all seafood for your meals such asfresh clams, prawns, sea snails and other delicacies which you want to taste.

Sea snails

Hue – Combination of royal culinary and folk dishes

Hue used to be the capital city of Vietnam. That’s why Hue people have many extremely delicate ways of royal cuisines which only offered on the King’s table such as nem công, chả phượng, thấu thỏ, xôi vò, nham bò,…. Beside, Hue is also famous for folk dishes like Nem Lui Hue, the dish no one can forget if have a chance to taste. Its main ingredient is spring roll of meatball grilled on the charcoal stove. Moreover, the deliciousness of this dish is in the accompanying vegetables and sauces made from plenty of different materials. When eating, take a meatball wrapped with vegetables, pineapple, caramel, prices, sliced green banana slices, pieces of life, chili color…  then dips in a special sauce called nước lèo. Nước lèo is also made from many different ingredients such as vegetable oil, pig liver, swordfish, sugar, fish sauce, cinnamon, flowers mixed with coconut milk. Its taste is worthy to become one of the most delicious local specialties in Vietnam.

Nem Lui Hue

By the way, you can visit Dong Ba Market in early morning. This is the biggest whole sales market in Hue for food, vegetable, herb, spices and fruit. In the morning, everything is so fresh. This is the best time and best way to experience and learn about local food ingredients as well as the daily life activities in Hue. We also have a chance to enjoy a vegetarian lunch at a Buddhist pagoda.

Dong Ba Market

Hoi An – The culinary of Ancient Town

Hoi An ancient Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We have many Vietnam must-eat dishes here such as chicken rice, bread, cao lầu noodles… Especially, you cannot miss cao lầu – the most famous local specialties in Hoi An. A delicious cao lau bowl includes noodles past boiling water, some bean sprouts and essential vegetable of Tra Que village. It’s covered by plates of xá xíu meats as well as fried crispy pork skin above. Visitors can also enjoy a private cooking class focusing on regional specialties such as fresh spring rolls or cao lầu noodles. In the evening, visit Dong Thien Pagoda to enjoy a vegetarian lunch prepared by the nuns.

Cao Lau noodles

Sai Gon – A haven for street food lovers

It’s Ho Chi Minh City – the most modern city in Vietnam, but locals still use “Saigon” to name this place. Street food is one of the things that make Saigon different from other regions. You have many chances to taste Vietnam street food in evening at all Saigon districts. Grilled meatballs, noodles mix roast duck meat, rice handles, bun mix grilled meat, bánh tráng nước, bánh tráng trộn, bún mắm… are extremely popular on Saigon’s sidewalk which you cannot miss during your Vietnam culinary tour. In addition, you can also take opportunities to stop for tasting iced coffee, iced tea, snack or banh mi – typical Vietnamese street foods while walking around Saigon to discover the culture of this place.

Grilled meatballs

There are differences of characteristic in each region, but Vietnam cuisines are distinctive and leave an unforgettable impression on tourists.


It is not other word but only “diverse” will be use to describe our country’s table etiquette. Let’s discover more with us!

Now it the time to see what should NOT be done when having meal as Vietnamese!

1.Dim the chopstick vertically straight into the bowl

2.Serve too much rice in one bowl

3.Flip the fish on the plate

4.Point the chopstick to others

5. Use the chopstick to transfer food


Winter’s memories

What do you think the winter will be in Vietnam?

Full of snow and severely cold like in Western countries or still sunny?

It is the combination of two, it is warm but still cold enough for people to get closer together.

The winter, it is….

Drizzling rain

Hot cups of tea

two cups of hot tea

Friend gathering

Deserted streets

Grilled and boiled stuffs

And specially

It is Tet



Write your own story in Da Lat

Enjoy awesome mountain pools

Do not mind the cold weather in Dalat, let’s drown yourself in the pools here, you will quickly forget about the coldness ad just enjoy. Enjoy the precious moments here while swimming and admiring the sceneries at the same time.

Golf court in valley

In Da Lat, you can find a majestic golf court – Tuyen Lam, an idea place not only for playing golf but taking “deep” pictures.

Special French buildings

French architectures in Da Lat are also worth for visitors to discover. It is extremely suitable for couples to take memorable pictures in romantic settings here. Besides, those are peaceful places for everyone to take a rest after hard working time.

Endless BBQ parties inside pine forests

Familiar with in-home or seat-BBQ parties in the restaurant, Da Lat will bring you a totally different experience of BBQ – BBQ in pine forests. Let’s imagine how awe some it will be if you can at the same time, enjoy delicious meats and breath in the pure air from the trees there.

Endless flower garden

Da Lat is considered as the place of thousand flowers so it is not worth a visit here if visitors do not go to majestic flower gardens.

Hanoi, Autumn and Coffee

It is now Fall in Hanoi, a season that is not like any autumn in the world. The weather is not too cold but still people wear sweaters and scarf. Imagine that you are walking along the Hoan Kiem lake, under your step is a carpet made from autumn leaves, surrounding by a forest of flowers from street hawkers and listening to music of street artists. Amazing experience!


It is even more awesome to nest somewhere in the old quarter in a small coffee shop, sipping Hanoian’s authorized coffee. Relaxing!

Cafe Giảng
Egg Coffee
Cafe Lâm
Cafe Nhĩ
Cafe Nhân
Cafe Năng

And many more!

Pho – the proud of Vietnamese cuisine to the world


Internationally famous – Pho is not only delicious but also be high in nutrition and that is why people usually say that Pho is a whole meal in a bowl. Many tourists around the world always wants eating Pho when they have a chance to go to Vietnam and it is also extremely easy to find a Pho restaurant in our country.

Vietnamese Pho consists of flat rice noodles, a few herbs and primarily made with either beef or chicken. A bowl of Pho is normally served with basil, lime, chili, and other extra herbs so that eaters can season the soup to their own taste. The soul of Pho is the balanced taste of sweet, salty, spicy, and citrus it brings to the eater’s taste buds. By the way, many tourists said that tasting Pho was one of the most wonderful experience they had tried in Vietnam.

North Pho

Today, Pho not only appear in Vietnam but also in many other Pho restaurants around the world. This international coverage comes as a confirmation of Vietnamese Pho’s taste and quality.

Vietnam Special Dishes – Chung cake


As far as we concerned, each country has special dish for special festival. It depends on their culture, their weather, and food to create suitable but special dish. If in Japan they have Sushi, Korea with kimbap, in Vietnam, we have Sticky rice( Chung Cake) for Tet holiday, that is the biggest and warmest holiday in our country.

Chung cake
Vietnam special dish

In this occasion, Vietnamese has long days off to relax and enjoy the cozy time with family members. The children, people who go abroad, go for business, or even migrant persons also come back to Vietnam to welcome national holiday. With students and teachers, staffs officer, they often have at least one week for free with Tet.

Chung Cake in Vietnam
Vietnamese food, banh chung, banh tet are traditional eating on Tet holiday, wrap in green leaf. When spring come, on Vietnam Lunar New Year , people worship the ancestor with glutinous rice cake
Mother and grandma with Chung cake
Chung cake making process

It is easy for anyone to realize and feel the Tet atmosphere at that time. Houses are busy preparing, decorating and cleaning the house, buying necessary items, materials for making Chung Cake and other dishes for the whole holiday.

Tet Holiday
Noisy and exciting feeling with Tet

Now, let’s come to the way we make Chung cake. First of all, we need beans, pork, onions, other spices, cat’s ear for the center part of the cake. The cover is made of sticky rice and is wrapped by phrynium leaves to create green color and tasty taste with pretty smell. This kind of cake is square shape, people can use the pattern to make the shape easily and more beautiful. In addition, some family they can change the shape into cylinder and they call it long Chung cake but the taste doesnt change, it’s still delicious and attractive.

Chung cake
How to make Chung cake

After making, people will put it into the suitable size pot to cook. It must be cooked in 10 hours for making materials well-done all.

what is the best time to eat Chung cake? oh, you should eat them one day after it is cooked because the temperature of cake will reduce and water inside have enough time to get out, make the cake have wonderful flavor. You can enjoy and feel all special tastes into. With people who like salty taste, a bold of fish sauce is a good way to satisfy you and make the cake tastier.

Sticky rice
Vietnam Sticky rice

Last but not least, to keep Chung cake in a long time, people can put it into fridge with suitable temperature. When they want to eat, they only need to warm it up, the flavor is still nice !

So now, Do you get any more information about Vietnam special cake?!

I hope that it is yes, let’s enjoy our cake if you visit us in Tet holiday!


A trip to Hai Phong

This is a story about me – Hai Phong – My deep first love

Come with me
Story after a place

I was born and bred in Hanoi, Vietnam. That is a boisterous and noisy city; in my consciousness, Hanoi is the most wonderful and beautiful place – my proud hometown. From the food I eat, the people I meet and talk to every day until the air and environment I breathe to live. It is hard for me to find another marvelous place as Hanoi. From now on, let’s consider Hanoi as my mother and the story is going to continue now.

Like a little girl getting out of mother’s hand to discover and start new adventure.  I am affected by a lot of things; life is so fantastic and amazing. The first place I set my foot on is Hai Phong  – A place which is 100 kilometers far from Hanoi. Life is unpredicted and I have met my great love here, that is also my memorable first love for months after.

How it happen?

Are you curious how this place flirt me and make me remembering forever?

Blue beach
Beach in Hai Phong

Hai Phong is famous for nice beach – named ĐồSơn; the number of tourists coming here for summer vacation annual is very high and increasing year by year.  With the blue and clean water, this place is not only a romantic place for enjoying landscape, dating but also the ideal destination for visiting and taking shower in hot season. That is the first time it makes an impression on my mind.

Special Cuisine
Delicious Dish in Hai Phong
Special dish
Bánh Mỳ Cay


Special Dish in Hai Phong
Cháo Sườn

In addition, one most important factor which creates its attraction is the foods. Only tasting once can’t forget ever after. There are 9 dishes which take the love of people most. They are spicy bread, different types of Ốc, Nem Cua Bể, Bánh Đa Cua, Bánh Bèo, Rip Soup, Bánh Cuốn, Lẩu Cua Đồng, Bánh Đúc Tàu and ect.

Special cuisine
Nem Cua Bể
Hai Phong food
Bánh Cuốn

Each of them has its own special characteristics and tastes. Spicy, sweet or even bitter, salty, all are included into to increase flavor and satisfy the eaters. Not a word can express this feeling when you put these foods in your mouth or when you bite a piece of them.  Food – the second step to conquer me of Hai Phong.

Nice man
Man of Hai Phong

Last but not least, it is about man in Hai Phong. To be honest, they are so handsome and enthusiastic. They have a manly voice, smart behavior and warm heart.  That is the last step to totally take my heart away.

Nice Man
Man of Hai Phong

So fast and furious with Hải Phòng

Be careful when you visit my first love If you don’t want to lose your heart!!!