Sapa is a mountainous town in the North of Vietnam, being also one of the most attractive tourism destinations in Vietnam. Sapa is a precious gift that Mother Nature dedicates to Vietnam. Perched in the mountains of Vietnam’s northwestern corner near the borders with China and Laos, Sapa is worthy for you to explore.

Rice filed in Sapa

Sapa owns not only extremely pristine beauty of nature but also extraordinarily cultural values of ethnic groups. With the altitude of about 1500-1650m above sea level, this town is featured by temperate climate which makes visitors more comfortable during their trips. HiVietnam is willing share the list places to visit in Sapa as an ideal suggestion for your adventure tour

  • Fanxipan Mountain – The roof of Indochina

Fansipan is branded “the Roof of Indochina” at the height of 3, 143m; located in the center of Hoang Lien Son. Although it is only 9 km from Sapa downtown in the southwest, but if walking and hiking, you may take 6 to 7 days to conquer this mountain. On the way up the mountain, visitors can explore the flora and fauna, especially precious and rare species in mountains such as monkeys, antelope, birds, and the natural wonder of the Hoang Lien Son. If you wish to visit it, it is important to take a guide and certainly not go alone. The best time to make the ascent is from mid-October to mid-November, and again in March.

Fanxipan Mountain – The roof of Indochina
  • Heaven’s Gate and Thac Bac waterfall.

Out of Sapa town center, go towards North about 18km, the road to Heaven’s Gate in Sapa look like a snake. It is located in the middle of majestic Hoang Lien’s mountains. The top of this road is Heaven’s Gate and you can see the top of Fansipan from this place.

The road to Heaven’s Gate in Sapa

Far side is Thac Bac Waterfall – one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam, most tourists want to explore this place when travelling to Sapa. The height of Thac Bac waterfall is 200m, the water fall from the top violently, the foam is so white so this waterfall is called “Thac Bac” (Silver Waterfall). From a distance, you will hear the sound of the waterfall, it makes tourists feel wild and mysterious. This natural beauty attracted many visitors when travelling to Sapa.

Thac Ba Waterfall
  • Bac Ha Market

Although it takes a long distance from Sapa to Bac Ha market (about 80km), this destination is really a lively picture about cultural identities of ethnic groups in the Northwest of Vietnam. The market is organized weekly on every Sunday with the participation of ethnic people such as H’Mong, Dao, Tay, Nung… Bac Ha market has still saved outstandingly traditional features due to the big changes of business. On every corners of this market, tourists are attracted by colorful costumes which manifest for each own ethnic groups. Everyone comes to exchange daily items such as animals, brocade products and jewelry. Sometimes, both the sound of bamboo flutes and the voice of local singers are raised among the bustling atmosphere of Bac Ha market which created the unique elements for this mountainous market.

Bac Ha Market

That all make Sapa is a precious gift that Mother Nature dedicates to Vietnam and worthy for you to organize your Sapa adventure tour right now!

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