The beauty of Vietnam (Chapter 2)

If Da Lat has 7-layer Pongour Waterfall as a ladder to heaven to honor the Central Highlands, Ban Gioc Waterfall tilts toward the side of mountains in Cao Bang bringing the fantastic beauty as a fairy made travelers feel extremely surprised and admired when being here. In the middle of soaring blue sky, the white waterfalls dump like a fairy’s hair gently slipping down following rhythm of the old jungle, then through the immemorial mossy stones.

the fantastic beauty of Ban Gioc Waterfall
And the glamour beauty when Autumn coming…

Not only the painting of nature that enchant travelers but also masterpieces made by human hands are equally attractive. It was a pearl of Far East famous over the world in past, Saigon today is full of vitality of youth. At night, Saigon performs multi-colored light dance mixed together, harmonizing from skyscrapers to thousands of tiny apartments below, displaying a fresh new face full of lovely.

Multi-colored light dance of Saigon’s night

Located in the relic of Huong Pagoda, My Duc, Hanoi, Yen stream fall as a watery painting of human heart. In autumn, peace songs were resound love rhythms not shredded as festival season. Yen stream is crystal-clear as the shadow of sky.

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