Special Vietnamese Rice Cracker

This awesome stuff – rice cracker is not only a beloved snack of Vietnamese kids but also unforgettable memories of very adults.

It is undeniable for a cool crack stuff to be served in a rainy winter day when gathering with friends. The stories told seem to be endless in the sound of biting crackers.

These marvelous stuffs are excessively made from rice with a little sugar. Depending on one’s taste, some people will but some bean or nuts as extra ingredients.  The procedure of making rice cracker is extremely simple starting with mixing the ingredients then put them into the cracker maker; which is a simple heat-based motor, and end with products of delicious crispy stuff.

It is to describe how much we love these stuffs but it is always a endless joyful of Vietnamese kids to eat and see how rice crackers are made. Also, an replaceable part of our childhood’s memories.

Pho – the proud of Vietnamese cuisine to the world


Internationally famous – Pho is not only delicious but also be high in nutrition and that is why people usually say that Pho is a whole meal in a bowl. Many tourists around the world always wants eating Pho when they have a chance to go to Vietnam and it is also extremely easy to find a Pho restaurant in our country.

Vietnamese Pho consists of flat rice noodles, a few herbs and primarily made with either beef or chicken. A bowl of Pho is normally served with basil, lime, chili, and other extra herbs so that eaters can season the soup to their own taste. The soul of Pho is the balanced taste of sweet, salty, spicy, and citrus it brings to the eater’s taste buds. By the way, many tourists said that tasting Pho was one of the most wonderful experience they had tried in Vietnam.

North Pho

Today, Pho not only appear in Vietnam but also in many other Pho restaurants around the world. This international coverage comes as a confirmation of Vietnamese Pho’s taste and quality.

Vietnam cuisine

When you are hungry, what do you think??? Food, special dishes? Exactly, when visiting a country, what you think first is about cuisine. Therefore, the first thing when coming to Hi Viet Nam page will be about one of Vietnamese special dishes.


Each country has different aspects such as climate, history, people and etc. However, when visiting a place, people can not pass the cuisine. Vietnam is a small country which is in the East Asia but the smaller Vietnam is, the more various of food it is.

From the previous time until now, Vietnamese food becomes more and more popular in all over the world, it attracts a great number of foreign people who travel through Vietnam. Food lovers must try some special dishes such as: #SpringRoll, #Pho, #BunCha, #BanhTrangNuong and etc. It is impossible for them to forget when tasting once. Even president Barack Obama with his visit to Vietnam. He had #BunCha for his lunch, actually, it created a big impression and some special feeling on this respectable president.

So today, in this paper, we will go deeply in this dish of Vietnam. How we make it, and how to enjoy it with the most wonderful taste.

We should have an English name for this food and GRILLED PORK WITH VERMICELLI AND FRESH GREEN is a good one.

1. The first step:
To make the caramel sauce: melt sugar in a big bowl or a pot. Remember to use warm water to increase the taste of sauce. Using a long-handle ladle, add the hot water to the caramelized sugar. Be careful as it will splash. Cut cucumber, carrot and dill then add into caramel sauce to make the sauce more tasty and beautiful.

2. The second step: we will cook the grilled pork
Marinate the pork belly with half of the minced garlic, oyster sauce, sugar, fish sauce , minced shallot, caramel sauce, seasoning powder (optional), ground black pepper.
– Marinate the minced pork similarly with the other half of the marinade ingredients. Pinch and form the minced pork into 2-inch (5cm) patties.
– Grill the pork and minced pork patties outdoor on charcoal until both sides are golden brown.


In the past, people usually had #BunCha for lunch. Nowadays, since most of the shops open from morning to night people can eat it for whatever meal of the day they want. There are no right way or wrong way to eat bun cha. However, commonly, there are 2 ways to enjoy this delicious meal: southern and northern style.

Southern people usually wrap and roll everything they can. So if you love wrapping things, you can use a big leaf of lettuce to wrap the vermicelli, pork and herbs then dip it in the sauce and take a big bite. The biggest advantage of this style is you only need to use your hand to eat everything so it doesn’t matter if you don’t use the chopsticks.

If you want to show your knowledge of food experience, follow what the Hanoian does. Their Northern way to eat bún chả much simpler. All you have to do is dipping everything in the broth, mix it together and eat it like a bowl of Pho. Because the vermicelli is quite slippery so it can be both fun and challenging for those who haven’t mastered their chopsticks skills yet.