The beauty of Vietnam (Chapter 1)

Through Northern to Southern of the S-shaped curve, every place has its own unique charm. From multi-colored terraced fields of the highland of Northwest to rivers covered alluvial color in the West of the Mekong river, from lively bustle streets of town lights to trails smelling of ripe rice, both of them made our hearts soothe, just want to carry on and travel to admire the beauty of Vietnam.

Vietnam scenery is beautiful as picturesque.

Below is a picture of a peaceful countryside with rivers, rice flavor and small village roads. A leisurely walk to think about origination, put your mind in peace filled with gentle, no longer tired. As close as scenes when harvest is finished, straw is piled up at the curb, the cows bend down to taste deliciously, next to the small ditches indifferent do not want to flow. The portrait of Vietnam countryside is still rustic, but attractive strangely
by its beauty.

Peaceful as Vietnam contryside

In the middle of the high Northwest, terraced fields are always a great attraction for tourists to come and see once in a lifetime. Covered by thousands of deep blue, the yellow of rice when the harvest season begins to spread all over hills, makes the highlands like wearing a new shirt, brilliant in morning sunshine. Stilt houses with leave roofs seem to decorate the pictures created by nature and people more special features.

When the yellow season comes

As well as the green color of the terraced fields in succession in the highlands also bring peaceful beauty made peace of mind is no different than the straight fields as flying stork wings of delta. The favor of rice blended into blurry fogs flies in midair to tempt footsteps whose could not get away.

The green color of the terraced fields behind blurry fogs

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